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Homegrown Strawberries

I had a mini harvest today.  🙂


Strawberries from my strawberry planter.

The strawberries are small, but they taste delicious!  I wish I had a whole field of them.  Eating just three turned out to be a tease.  Maybe I’ll plant some more next year.  Maybe.  🙂


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Strawberry Picking

Today Eva and I went strawberry picking with my in-laws.  I missed out on all the picking last year due to being pregnant, so it was nice to get back into the game.  Eva even wore her strawberry outfit for the occasion!

We went to a farm in South Jersey called Sparacio’s.  It’s a little bit of a drive, but nothing too bad.  This year’s berries were the biggest I’ve seen yet!  I love looking at the strawberry plants full of strawberries, which always leads to me daydreaming about having my own field that I could gorge myself in every day.  🙂


I took a picture of my bounty, which you can admire above.  I have great plans for my strawberries.  Tomorrow I’m going to turn them into jam (and save some for eating, of course).  I hope the process goes smoothly.  Last time I made jam, I didn’t have a baby.  :/

I hope I get to pick more sometime soon!