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Sprouts – An Update

It’s time, again, to share with you the progress of my seedlings.  Up first – my regular potato:


Regular Potato

This guy has just started to show growth.  The bottom actually rotted out, so I cut it off.  It’s starting to smell pretty bad again.  :/  I’m not sure it’ll make it, but I’m keeping it for now.  The sweet potato still isn’t showing signs of life.  I’m afraid it will rot, too.


Carnation Seedlings

My carnation seedlings are getting bigger and bigger every day.  This is a poor picture, but you can see that lots of sprouts are forming.  I will have to do some separating soon.


Viola Seedling

I saw two viola sprouts this morning.  Above is one of them.


Foxglove Seedlings

As I mentioned before, I thought I saw my foxgloves germinating, and I was right.  They are very, very tiny.  Such small seedlings for what will be very large plants!


Pansy Seed Germinating

Here’s a shot of one of my pansy seeds germinating.  It’s hard to tell, but the seed is in the center of the photo (it kind of looks like a fertilizer chunk), and you can see the root forming on the right side.  These seem to be very slow growers.


Cantaloupe Seedlings

My cantaloupe seedlings are out of control!  They are huge!  I hope they’ll survive being separated because I’m going to have to do that in a few days.


African violet flowers after being sprayed with fungicide.

My African violets aren’t looking so hot.  All the flowers have been burned by the fungicide treatment.  I really hope the powdery mildew is gone, and the plants are on their way to being healthy again.


Eva and Jacqueline

Eva and I went to visit Grammy the Elder today.  She’s been laid up with a broken patella and needed a little cheer.  Jacqueline was over helping her and Great Grandpop, so we had a little visit.  Eva was cheerful for about half of the visit.  Then she turned into a terror.  She has a limit, and after picking up her Grandpop from his blood transfusion and visiting with Uncle Robert earlier in the day, she had met it.

Grammy the Elder is doing as well as can be expected.  She does not like to be laid up.  Great Grandpop is doing a little better.  He gets to move around, at least.  Eva watched him do laps around the house in his walker.  🙂  The two of them need constant supervision now that they are both recovering, so the family has been taking turns staying with them.  It’s hard to watch Gram sit in one place all day.  She is usually such an active person. 

If I get a free moment one of these days, I’d like to clean up her gardens.  She has such beautiful gardens, and I’d like for her to have something nice to look at while recovering.



A Sprout!



Carnation Sprout

My carnation seeds have started to sprout!  Nothing else in my flower seed tray is showing signs of life, but I’ll take what I can get.  So far I can see seedlings in two of the five cups.  I am beyond ecstatic.  🙂

Today, Eva and I went to her grammy’s house to plant surprise pansies.  We spent a couple hours outside preparing the area and planting.  Eva slept through most of it.


Front of Mom's house - with pansies!

I took the liberty of surrounding her mailbox with flowers.  She never plants anything there, and I don’t know why.  I love the look of mailbox gardens.

While I waited for Eva to wake up, I googled information on Mexican sunflowers.  My mother-in-law gave me some seeds, and I wanted to research the proper care.  While doing that, it dawned on me that I could try planting regular sunflowers, too, using some of my mom’s birdseed.  I found some black oil sunflower seeds in the basement and stole a handful.


Mexican Sunflower Seeds (left), Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (right)

I’ll plant these guys later tonight.  It’ll be cool to have some ginormous flowers in my garden come summer!

Before ending this post, I’d like to share a picture of my Tete-a-tete daffodil.  It’s still blooming, but the leaves have spread out quite a bit.  I hope that’s not a sign of trouble.  I’d like to keep it as an indoor plant if possible.  If I can’t, I may have some daffodils it could join out near my shrubs.  Something’s coming up out there, and I’m pretty sure it’s daffodils.  I think the guy who sold us the house may have planted flower bulbs.  🙂


Tete-a-tete Daffodil

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Early Gardening

This year’s gardening season will mark the first time ever that I’ll be able to have my own garden. I’m really excited to plant lots of beautiful flowers and vegetables. The flowers will have to wait until I’m ready to buy bulbs, but today I tried planting some peppers and cantaloupes from seeds I collected. I don’t expect much, but if I do get some viable plants, I’ll feel accomplished.

Earlier today I used a red bell pepper to prepare what will be tonight’s dinner. (It’s a crockpot chicken and rice recipe.) I saved some of the seeds for planting along with some seeds from a cantaloupe I was eating last night.

Pepper seeds on the left, cantaloupe seeds on the right.

I filled two takeout containers with regular potting soil (probably not what’s recommended, but it’s what I had on hand) and started with the cantaloupe seeds.

I read that you should make a 1/2 inch hole in the soil, so that’s what I did.

I then threw some seeds in the holes and covered them up.

For the peppers, I sprinkled the seeds on top and covered them with a thin layer of dirt.

Sprinkled pepper seeds.

I set the two containers by the window so they would be exposed to sun and heat. Right now they are behind my other plants (mainly for ease of photographing), but I’ll be moving them sometime tomorrow. It’s kind of late in the day for sun right now.


As always I’ll keep you updated on any progress. I sure hope I get some seedlings!