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Felici Socks – Fifth Progress Report

Ugh!  This is taking way too long!  I think that’s my fault, though, seeing as I’ve been avoiding it every chance I get.  Even with my avoidance issues, I’ve made it to the gussets.


I’m still working on perfecting my technique.  It seems like every single time I pick up stitches to do the gussets, I end up with holes.  I know when I pick up those “corner” stitches, I’m either picking up one too many, or I’m picking them up in the wrong spot.  It’s pretty pathetic that I still have this issue after all of the socks I’ve knit.  One day I’m going to get it right.


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Felici Socks – Fourth Progress Report

I was super responsible today and started my mother-in-law’s second Christmas sock.  Wipe that surprised look off your face!  I can buckle down when necessary.  🙂


I finished Eva’s Ruffled Top last night, and I wanted to finish up these socks before starting the lace shrug I need to knit for next month.  The picot cuff was a little easier this time around, but it was still annoying.  I’m so glad to be past that point now and working on the leg.  With any luck, I’ll have the second sock finished in a jiffy!

Last time I discussed these socks, I was trying to decide whether to dive into the second ball of Felici or finish off the first ball before moving on to the second ball.  I went with option #1 and started knitting from the second ball immediately.  I’ll save the leftovers from both balls for a pair of baby socks.  I love me some striped baby socks.  😀