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Jalapeño Poppers

Today I harvested a bunch of jalapeño peppers from my jalapeño plant in my teeny tiny garden.


Jalapeño peppers from my garden.

My jalapeño plant is turning out to be quite prolific and a worthwhile buy.  🙂  I was kind of at a loss as to what to do with my bounty.  Then it dawned on my that I could make jalapeño poppers!  I love the ones that come in a box from the freezer section of the grocery store, but I’m sure they’re full of all kinds of chemicals and preservatives.  I like to pretend that my version is better.  Different, but better.

Jalapeño Poppers


-Seeded jalapeño peppers
-Shredded cheddar cheese
-Vegetable Shortening


1.  Cut the tops off the jalapeño peppers and remove the seeds.  I chose to hollow mine out with a paring knife like so:


Hollowed Jalapeño Peppers

Yes, it was time consuming.  In the future I think I’d choose to just half them.

2.  Stuff each pepper with shredded cheddar cheese.  You could substitute the cheddar cheese with any filling of your choosing.  I believe cream cheese and bacon are pretty popular fillings.

3.  In a bowl, mix together the eggs (I used one for 8 small peppers) and a splash of milk.  In a separate bowl, mix together the flour and salt.  You’ll have to make an executive decision on how much salt to add.  I didn’t add much, but I’m pretty sure the poppers from the store have a ton of salt in the coating.

4.  Dip the peppers in the egg mixture, then dip them in the flour mixture.  Once all your peppers have been coated, heat up a pan of vegetable shortening.

5.  While the shortening is heating up, do one more round of dipping.  This will make the coating on the peppers a bit thicker.  You could try dipping them a third time, just remember to allow the peppers some time to dry between each dip.

6.  Set the peppers in the hot shortening and allow them to cook until golden brown.  Mine didn’t take long, only a couple minutes.  This probably varies according to pepper size.  My peppers were pretty little.

***Warning – If the cheese starts to bubble out, remove the peppers.  You don’t want to lose all the cheese during frying!


Jalapeño Poppers!

There you have it.  Homemade jalapeño poppers.  I’m sure I’ll be making lots more of these as the summer progresses.  I’m totally trying cream cheese next!



Pathetic Garden Update

I thought I’d share with you all a few pictures of my very pathetic garden.  I’m still holding out hope that it’ll perk up a little.  :/


Teeny Tiny Garden

Unfortunately my peppers I grew from seed aren’t doing that well.  I bought the jalapeno plant, which is doing okay, and I also bought the two tomato plants.  In addition, I have two more tomato plants in pots off-camera.  I’m waiting for Kai to add onto my garden so I can plant them.


Jalapeno Peppers


Roma Tomatoes

I have cages for the tomato plants, but they’re still at my mom’s house.  I’ll probably bring them over this weekend.  My hope is that the tomato plants will flourish and provide me some sort of reward for my gardening efforts.  I suppose I should be impressed with any and all gardening triumphs, no matter how small, when I take into consideration Eva’s presence.  She’s not exactly pro-activities not related to Eva at the moment.  🙂

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This Is For The Birds

My mom gave me a bird feeder yesterday as an early birthday present because she won’t be around tomorrow (my actual birthday).


Birthday bird feeder from Mom.

It’s one of those squirrel proof ones.  She also gave me a bag of black oil sunflower seeds to put in it.  I put it outside today, but it’s sort of in a bad location.  I don’t have a bird feeder hanger yet, so I had to put it on a tree limb…that I could reach.


Bird feeder hanging in one of our trees.

I’m sure the birds will be pleased with the location, but I won’t have an easy time admiring them.  😦


Darby and Xerxes enjoying the sunshine.

Darby and Xerxes supervised the hanging of the bird feeder.  They’ve been enjoying their fenced yard since we bought the house back in August.

As always, I have some sprout pictures to share:


Black oil sunflower sprouting.


My peppers finally sprouted!  I was so sure they wouldn’t!  At this point everything has shown some sort of growth expect for the columbines.  I don’t know what’s going on with them.  I’ll give them a little more time before I deem them a failure.

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Early Gardening

This year’s gardening season will mark the first time ever that I’ll be able to have my own garden. I’m really excited to plant lots of beautiful flowers and vegetables. The flowers will have to wait until I’m ready to buy bulbs, but today I tried planting some peppers and cantaloupes from seeds I collected. I don’t expect much, but if I do get some viable plants, I’ll feel accomplished.

Earlier today I used a red bell pepper to prepare what will be tonight’s dinner. (It’s a crockpot chicken and rice recipe.) I saved some of the seeds for planting along with some seeds from a cantaloupe I was eating last night.

Pepper seeds on the left, cantaloupe seeds on the right.

I filled two takeout containers with regular potting soil (probably not what’s recommended, but it’s what I had on hand) and started with the cantaloupe seeds.

I read that you should make a 1/2 inch hole in the soil, so that’s what I did.

I then threw some seeds in the holes and covered them up.

For the peppers, I sprinkled the seeds on top and covered them with a thin layer of dirt.

Sprinkled pepper seeds.

I set the two containers by the window so they would be exposed to sun and heat. Right now they are behind my other plants (mainly for ease of photographing), but I’ll be moving them sometime tomorrow. It’s kind of late in the day for sun right now.


As always I’ll keep you updated on any progress. I sure hope I get some seedlings!