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Kirsi’s Blue Owl

Long time no see! Unfortunately, next to no crafting has been happening over here, hence the hiatus.  Last February we found out that we’re expecting Baby #3, and as expected, I wasn’t feeling well enough to craft until a little while ago.  I think I’m ready to get back on the horse, though, and I finished my first project!

Kirsi's Blue Owl!

Kirsi’s Blue Owl!

I have plenty of WIPs, but all of them were making me nauseous (morning sickness is an evil beast), so I decided to make Kirsi a toy owl.  I kind of made the pattern up as I went.  I used some leftover Knit Picks Simply Cotton I had laying around in “Bermuda Heather.”  The white circles are craft store felt glued down with no-sew glue, and the beak is embroidered with embroidery floss.

He’s nice and squishy, and I hope she likes him!



Christmas Ornaments!

I was on quite a Christmas ornament kick last week and made some snowflakes and owls for my tree and my mom’s tree. It had nothing to do with my serious procrastination issues. Nothing. 😀






I used crochet thread to make the snowflakes and scraps of worsted weight yarn to make the owls. There was also some felt, safety eyes, and embroidery floss involved in constructing the owls.

These owls are SO CUTE. I need more! The safety eyes really make a difference. Eva thinks they’re cute, too, and likes to change their position on the tree from time to time. I think I’m going to make a couple each year as a tradition.

I haven’t got much to say about the snowflakes except that I’m horrible at pinning out and starching, apparently. My mom requested them for her tree, so that’s where they’re living now, along with one of the owls. I’ll probably make some for my tree, eventually, but I’ve got some more pressing projects to finish first.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Mom’s Owl Sweater – Fourth Progress Report

I guess I should post a little update on my knitting since this is a knitting blog an all.  🙂

I haven’t been doing too much knitting, I’m afraid.  My mom’s sweater has definitely crossed over into boring territory.  That tends to happen when I work on big projects.  :/  I keep telling myself I’m not allowed to start something new until this dang thing is done, but I’m afraid I’m close to losing that fight.  I try to rationalize straying by telling myself that the sweater won’t be useful until the winter, and that I have lots of time to start something new.  See?!  Someone save me from myself!


Above is a picture of the progress I did make.  The body is done and on holders, and the first sleeve is over halfway done.  I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 more inches to go.  I’m not even going to attempt to give you a timeline of when I think I’ll be done that sleeve, because I would just be lying.

Hopefully I can hold out and not start a new project like that hummingbird cross stitch kit I bought or items for my future Etsy shop.  I’ll have plenty of time to work on those things after the sweater is done, right?