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Pollinating African Violets – My First Attempt

I’ve become a bit of an African violet aficionado. In the course of my neverending googling, I found some information on how to hand-pollinate African violets. Seeing this as a chance at free fun, I committed the information to memory and made an attempt at getting my violets pregnant.

The procedure seems simple enough: remove the pollen sacs (those yellow things in the center of the flower) from the “father” plant, cut or tear them open, and apply the pollen to the end of the pointy thing in the center of a few of the “mother” plant’s flowers. There are lots of technical terms for these plant parts, but I’m not even going to attempt to sound like a professional plant pimp.

I cross-polinated my African violets, then went to my mom’s house to try it on hers. I figure the more times I try, the better my chances that I’ll end up with a seed pod. From what I gather, it takes many months until the seed pod is ready to be harvested. This will be a long process, but I’d much rather grow my own violets than take cuttings of my existing violets to produce clones. (Speaking of cuttings, my 99 cent “freak violet” is in desperate need of a trim. It’s producing baby plants off the sides.) I read that most of the time, the violets grown from seeds different greatly from their parent plants. I’m excited to see what I get! 🙂

Yesterday, Kai told me he wanted to go to a hardware store to look for a sledge hammer. (He looked up some exercise routine that called for the use of a particularly heavy sledge hammer. I think the workout involves smacking a large tire. Sounds like a ton of fun.) I, being the patient person I am, decided to capitalize on the opportunity and searched the houseplant section for things that I just had to have. I purchased two more African violets for Eva’s room:


(I’m hoping this one thickens up now that it’s living in better conditions.)

A white orchid for the living room:


And a pink orchid for Eva’s room:


I think I’m all flowered out now. That is, until something else catches my eye. 🙂

I can’t sign off on this post until I mention a little something about Eva. Kai’s mom came over to babysit her last Friday while I went grocery shopping. When I came home, she told me that Eva had rolled from her stomach to her back! That’s a first!


Here she is with Grammy the Elder.


And here she is napping with Daddy while watching cartoons.

Since she’s starting to roll and move a whole lot more than she used to, I think we’ll have to move her to her own room very shortly. Right now she’s in a tiny crib next to our bed. I’m beginning to worry that she’ll fall out of it if we don’t take action soon. 😦 I miss her already!