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Bluebirds, the Sequel

After successfully raising their first brood of the season, I was surprised to see the bluebirds had gotten right back to business so soon. For a couple days I thought I had seen movement in the bluebird box, and I finally became curious enough to check on it.  Looks like Madam is quite the prolific egg layer:


I think she’s incubating because she’s constantly in the box at this point. It’s hot as Hades over here, so I don’t know how she can handle sitting in that box all day, but then again, I’m not a bird. I’ll check again in the next few days for hatchlings!


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A New Season, A New Clutch

I’m happy to report that the bluebirds have chosen to nest with us again this season.  I was afraid they weren’t going to, seeing as they had a group of hatchlings by Mother’s Day last year.  I’m guessing they raised their first brood of the season elsewhere…or decided to start late.


So far there are three eggs.  I’m not sure if the female is done laying.  I’ll check again in a few days to see if she adds any more.  I can’t wait to have a yard full of bluebirds again!

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Bluebird Eggs!

I put up a bluebird box in my yard a while back after seeing a pair of bluebirds frequenting the area.  I’m pleased to report that they’ve stayed with me and have built a nest!

This afternoon I observed the following:


Four Bluebird Eggs

Bluebird eggs!  I’ve been checking the box every so often (during good weather) so that I will know when to clean it out for the next brood.  It is possible that the female isn’t finished laying, so it may be a while before any chicks appear.

I’m tempted to pick up another box this week to hang for the chickadees.  I just love being a bird landlord!