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Bluebirds, the Sequel

After successfully raising their first brood of the season, I was surprised to see the bluebirds had gotten right back to business so soon. For a couple days I thought I had seen movement in the bluebird box, and I finally became curious enough to check on it.  Looks like Madam is quite the prolific egg layer:


I think she’s incubating because she’s constantly in the box at this point. It’s hot as Hades over here, so I don’t know how she can handle sitting in that box all day, but then again, I’m not a bird. I’ll check again in the next few days for hatchlings!



An Unexpected Find

Today, upon arriving home from running some errands, I noticed a “blob” in one of my thorny bushes.  I took a closer look and saw this:


Praying Mantis Egg Case

Had I seen this a mere few weeks ago, I would have assumed my bush had some sort of disease.  Fortunately, my mother-in-law had schooled me on praying mantises when I questioned her about a setup I observed in her living room.  She is actively trying to hatch a praying mantis egg case, and she has a tank with all the fixings set up for this purpose.  (What do you expect?  She’s a zoologist!)

I called her shortly after discovering the egg case to brag.  🙂  She said she’d like to have it, so I will be carefully picking it and delivering it to her.  And by picking it I mean cutting off the part of the bush where it is attached.  I read that praying mantises like to lay their eggs in hard to access places, which explains why it’s in the middle of a thorny bush.  :/

I hope the little mantises hatch.  I’d like to see some!

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Bluebird Eggs!

I put up a bluebird box in my yard a while back after seeing a pair of bluebirds frequenting the area.  I’m pleased to report that they’ve stayed with me and have built a nest!

This afternoon I observed the following:


Four Bluebird Eggs

Bluebird eggs!  I’ve been checking the box every so often (during good weather) so that I will know when to clean it out for the next brood.  It is possible that the female isn’t finished laying, so it may be a while before any chicks appear.

I’m tempted to pick up another box this week to hang for the chickadees.  I just love being a bird landlord!