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Conch Lace Sundress

Another Chantilly Lace Sundress down!  I whipped up a 6-12 month size for my cousin’s 10 month old daughter, Amenze.

027I don’t have anything too exciting (besides pictures) to report.  I followed the pattern exactly except for using a bigger (H) hook.  I like that this size isn’t very long.  It’s great for babies who are crawling or have just started walking.

022I used Knit Picks CotLin in “Conch” – less than two balls!  I think the color really compliments Amenze’s complexion.  Also, the yarn came from stash.  Hooray for me!

024I have one more little dress to make, for Kirsi, in dark pink, but I’ve taken a break to knit a sweater for Ronan.  I felt like his knitting needs were being ignored. 😛  There are just so many cute girly patterns that I can’t stop making stuff for my little ladies!

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Deep Blue Lace Sundress

There’s a lucky little lady in my house!  She added a brand new dress to her closet this afternoon. 🙂

044I received the Chantilly Lace Sundress pattern from my friend, Sara, not too long ago.  I’ve been working on this dress sporadically for the past week and a half.  Let me tell you, this thing is quick.  I added a couple of repeats to lengthen the dress, and it was still a super speedy project.  In these pictures, Eva’s modeling the size 4-5 years, but as I stated before, I added two repeats to the length.  I think a dress made to the original length would be super cute paired with a pair of white leggings.

006 027I used Knit Picks Cotlin in “Planetarium” and a size H (5mm) crochet hook.  This dress, with my modifications, took a little over 500 yards of yarn to crochet.

039 052I bought a little slip for Eva to wear underneath the dress since it’s a little revealing as-is.  Eva gushed over how pretty she looked, then told me I need to make one for Kirsi.  In pink.  Because Anna from Frozen wears pink.  Good thing I ordered some dark pink Cotlin, I guess!

Raveled here.


More Baby Shoes!

I took some pictures of the baby shoes I finished last week, so here they are!

Little Princess Loafers

Little Princess Loafers

For these loafers I used this pattern, a G hook, and Cascade 220 scraps. I crocheted the 6-12 month size, and the soles measure about 4.25 inches. Kirsi’s feet are too small for them right now, so I don’t know how they’ll fit, but I’m afraid they won’t stay on very well due to the “floppiness” of the wool.

Wooly Baby Huggs

Wooly Baby Huggs

For my second set of boots, I used this pattern (again), a G hook, and Cascade 220 scraps. I put some of the owl buttons I bought way back to use and attached them to the ankles of the boots.  So cute!  The soles on these measure about 4.25 inches as well (6-12 month size), and they are a lot floppier than the cotton ones I made.

While I’d love to make more baby shoes, I am banned from doing so until the Ravellenics are over and the thrummed mittens I started are finished.  It’s almost here, guys, it’s almost here!


Leg Warmers – Complete!

These lovelies have been done for a while.  I was finally able to take some pictures of them earlier this evening, so we’re ready for the big reveal!

Edited 003

Getting nice pictures of these was pretty much impossible.  They’re black, my sister’s pants were black, and it was dark outside.  I did the best I could!

Edited 026

I love the flower detail.  It’s so cute!  I used this pattern for the flower.  Easy peasy!  The rest of the project is of my own design.  I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Edited 025

I used approximately 2.3 skeins of Knit Picks Brava Worsted in “Black,” a size J hook (6mm), and size 7 needles.  I think they have the perfect amount of slouch, but that may just be me tooting my own horn. 🙂

I wrote up a rough pattern on my project page, just in case I (or anyone else) would like to make another pair.  I don’t think I could pull these off myself, but there are plenty of people out there who definitely could!



Leg Warmers – First Progress Report

Wow!  Long time no write!  It’s been quite a while since I last blogged.  The holidays were CRAZY busy for us.  Well, they were crazy busy for me, at least.  I’m in charge of all things Christmas, so I was tasked with lots of baking, buying, wrapping, decorating, and organizing/carrying out visits.  Now that we’re back to our regular grind, I’m ready to move forward with another commissioned project – a pair of leg warmers.

My customer requested a pair of black, adult-sized leg warmers with a large flower at the top of each warmer.  She included a picture of a pair of leg warmers modeled on a baby as a guide.  Because she doesn’t have baby-sized legs, I ended up having to design a pattern from scratch.  The baby-sized leg warmers appeared to be a simple tube done in single crochet.  While that’s all fine and dandy for little baby legs, something like that definitely wouldn’t work for an adult.  I ended up using half double crochet as the main stitch (single crochet would have made me pull out my hair), threw in some increases, and knit ribbing onto both ends.

Edited 094

I’ve finished one whole leg warmer and part of the second.  I’ll be adding the flowers when I’ve finish both warmers.  That’s the best part, so I’m saving it for last. 🙂



Christmas Tree With Red Ornaments – Complete!

Yesterday morning I finally finished the Christmas Tree I was crocheting for a friend of the family.


I am so glad it’s done. This thing had been in progress since August! I followed the pattern pretty much verbatim with one exception – I made the cone larger. I (poorly) crocheted in some red glass beads as I went for ornaments. I wish I had placed them better, but it was hard to keep track.

Now that this tree is done, I’m free to focus my attention on some thread crochet ornaments and a couple of commissions. How exciting!


Minion Hats!

Over the past week I made the girls a pair of minion hats to wear this winter.


I made these with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and a 5.5mm hook. I followed a basic earflap hat patten and added the minion details. They were incredibly quick projects, which is one of the bonuses of using crochet.

I love how these turned out, and I can’t wait for the weather to get cold enough to merit wearing them!

Raveled here.