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Cherry Picking

Today Eva and I went cherry picking with my in-laws.  I like cherry picking quite a bit more than strawberry picking because it involves much less crouching, and cherries grow in clumps so the picking is quick.  Eva spent the entire time strapped to me in her carrier (facing out) while I picked.  She “helped” by grabbing every branch, leaf, cherry, and bucket within reach.  I think I spent more time running interference on her mouth than picking!


Just picked cherries!


The fruits of my labor.

I don’t plan to do any canning projects this time around.  It’s too difficult to do that kind of thing with a baby.  I learned that the hard way when I made jam out of the strawberries I picked.  I’m just going to eat as many as possible (which I’ll regret) and share the rest with my mother.  🙂