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Kirsi’s Blue Owl

Long time no see! Unfortunately, next to no crafting has been happening over here, hence the hiatus.  Last February we found out that we’re expecting Baby #3, and as expected, I wasn’t feeling well enough to craft until a little while ago.  I think I’m ready to get back on the horse, though, and I finished my first project!

Kirsi's Blue Owl!

Kirsi’s Blue Owl!

I have plenty of WIPs, but all of them were making me nauseous (morning sickness is an evil beast), so I decided to make Kirsi a toy owl.  I kind of made the pattern up as I went.  I used some leftover Knit Picks Simply Cotton I had laying around in “Bermuda Heather.”  The white circles are craft store felt glued down with no-sew glue, and the beak is embroidered with embroidery floss.

He’s nice and squishy, and I hope she likes him!



Amigurumi Bunny – Complete!

I haven’t mentioned this project before, mostly because I was dreading it.  I am terrible at crochet amigurumi.  A friend of the family asked me to make this little bunny, so I agreed since I *do* need some practice.  You’d think I’d do a better job the second time around.  (I made this same bunny last year for Eva.)  Not so in this case.  :/



The pattern is very well written, and there’s nothing inherently difficult about the construction.  I just suck majorly at seaming.  I can never get things even, and my finished product ends up looking homemade instead of handmade.  And don’t even get me started on my embroidery skills!

Anyway, if you’d like more details, they are on my Ravelry page!


Eva’s Elephant – Finished!

I finished Eva’s Elephant this morning.  That thing was the bane of my existence.  Never again!  I’m sure I’m the only idiot who had trouble with the increasing in this pattern, but it was enough trouble that I’m turned off from ever knitting another elephant.


Pieces of an Elephant

I finished all the pieces last night and seamed the legs and head to the body.  This morning I attached the ears and tail.  I did not put a tassel on the tail as called for in the pattern because I do not trust that I can make a tassel that Eva can’t unravel.  The ears are also different from the pattern.  Not by choice, though.  They looked really crappy when I made them following the pattern instructions.  :/



For this project I used some chunky gray acrylic yarn and aran weight pink yarn.  Both came from stash.  The elephant measures 8 inches from head to rump and 5 inches high.  I used a larger needle than called for in the pattern, size 7.

I am much more pleased with how this turned out as opposed to the bunny I made for Easter.  I seem to be better at knit amigurmi than crochet amigurumi.

Now it’s time to make a sweater!


Eva’s Easter Bunny

As promised, I’ve been working on a stuffed animal for Eva.  I made her a little bunny for Easter using Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in “Ivory.”




The eyes are safety eyes, the nose is made from embroidery floss, the feet pads are made from felt, and the ears have fabric lining.  I’m not too thrilled with how this turned out.  I’m really bad at seaming, not too good at embroidery, and so-so at crocheting.  I’m afraid the ear lining will fray since the edges aren’t turned under (per the pattern, you’re just supposed to cut them out and sew them on).  I sat the little bunny on our end table by the couch until Eva is old enough to be interested in her.

Anyway, I think I should stick to clothing.  I’m much better at that.  🙂