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Leg Warmers – Complete!

These lovelies have been done for a while.  I was finally able to take some pictures of them earlier this evening, so we’re ready for the big reveal!

Edited 003

Getting nice pictures of these was pretty much impossible.  They’re black, my sister’s pants were black, and it was dark outside.  I did the best I could!

Edited 026

I love the flower detail.  It’s so cute!  I used this pattern for the flower.  Easy peasy!  The rest of the project is of my own design.  I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Edited 025

I used approximately 2.3 skeins of Knit Picks Brava Worsted in “Black,” a size J hook (6mm), and size 7 needles.  I think they have the perfect amount of slouch, but that may just be me tooting my own horn. 🙂

I wrote up a rough pattern on my project page, just in case I (or anyone else) would like to make another pair.  I don’t think I could pull these off myself, but there are plenty of people out there who definitely could!




Leg Warmers – First Progress Report

Wow!  Long time no write!  It’s been quite a while since I last blogged.  The holidays were CRAZY busy for us.  Well, they were crazy busy for me, at least.  I’m in charge of all things Christmas, so I was tasked with lots of baking, buying, wrapping, decorating, and organizing/carrying out visits.  Now that we’re back to our regular grind, I’m ready to move forward with another commissioned project – a pair of leg warmers.

My customer requested a pair of black, adult-sized leg warmers with a large flower at the top of each warmer.  She included a picture of a pair of leg warmers modeled on a baby as a guide.  Because she doesn’t have baby-sized legs, I ended up having to design a pattern from scratch.  The baby-sized leg warmers appeared to be a simple tube done in single crochet.  While that’s all fine and dandy for little baby legs, something like that definitely wouldn’t work for an adult.  I ended up using half double crochet as the main stitch (single crochet would have made me pull out my hair), threw in some increases, and knit ribbing onto both ends.

Edited 094

I’ve finished one whole leg warmer and part of the second.  I’ll be adding the flowers when I’ve finish both warmers.  That’s the best part, so I’m saving it for last. 🙂



Christmas Tree With Red Ornaments – Complete!

Yesterday morning I finally finished the Christmas Tree I was crocheting for a friend of the family.


I am so glad it’s done. This thing had been in progress since August! I followed the pattern pretty much verbatim with one exception – I made the cone larger. I (poorly) crocheted in some red glass beads as I went for ornaments. I wish I had placed them better, but it was hard to keep track.

Now that this tree is done, I’m free to focus my attention on some thread crochet ornaments and a couple of commissions. How exciting!


Christmas Tree With Red Ornaments – First Progress Report

Since I needed a project to work on while my shrug was blocking, I started crocheting a Christmas tree for a friend of the family.  She sent over a crocheted Christmas tree that her grandmother had made years ago and asked me to make something similar.  After a little bit of searching on Ravelry, I decided to try this pattern.


Christmas Tree Cone

I added 10 rounds to the cone following the established increase pattern to give the tree more height. 


The finished tree seen in this photo is what I'm attempting to recreate.

I was told I could take some creative liberties, so I’m using green yarn only, and I’m going to use beads for the ornaments instead of using hot glue to attach pom poms to the tree.  I haven’t decided what I’ll do for a star, yet, but I’m pretty sure pipe cleaners will be involved.


Starting to branch out!

I’ve started adding some branches, and after a little ripping, I’ve determined how I’ll be adding the beads.  (This is my first time using beads, so I needed to practice a little.)  I will start using the beads after I’ve completed a few rounds of branches.  I tried adding a bead to one of the braches in the second round, and it touched the ground.  Not exactly what I was going for.

I’m pretty confident that this tree will look awesome when it’s done.  And if I’m successful, I’m totally making one for me.


Eva’s Ruffled Top – Complete!

I am finally done ruffling.  🙂  I love the finished top.  It is soooo cute!


It fits Eva pretty well right now.  It’s just a tad big.  As long as she doesn’t have a huge growth spurt, it should fit for the fall/winter, which is when it’ll be most useful.  I thought it would work for summer, but it’s kind of heavy.

After a wet blocking, my gauge measured at 17 sts x 18 rows = 2 inches in st st in the round.  The top itself measured 15.25 inches from the neckline to the hem, and 19 inches around the chest.


The Back


The Front


Shiny Black Buttons



I followed the pattern exactly except for knitting four ruffles per sleeve instead of five.  I used way less yarn than called for in the pattern.  I managed to knit the whole thing with less than 3 skeins of Knit Picks Comfy Sport in “Peony.”  The pattern called for 4 balls.  Of course I knit two less ruffles, but I think I could have finished them with the leftovers from the 3rd ball of yarn.  Your mileage may vary, though.

Extra details can be found on my Rav page.


Eva’s Ruffled Top – Fifth Progress Report

I managed to finish the sleeves and add a few ruffles today.


Eva's Ruffled Top sans ruffles.

I love the look of the slightly puffed sleeves.  I’ll have to remember that design feature the next time I knit another baby/toddler top.  I actually like the look of the top sans ruffles and wouldn’t mind knitting another one with the purl ridges extended all the way around the yoke.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do for Kirsi’s top since I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to knit the ruffles with the amount of yarn I have.

The ruffles were a whole lot less complicated than I thought they would be.  (I had no reason to think they would be, I just make mountains out of mole hills.)  It’s going to take forever to finish them, but they’re easy to make.


Picking up stitches to make the ruffles.

Since I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve been thinking about my next project.  (Well, my second to next project.  I have to finish up that pair of socks first.)  I’m going to be in a wedding next month, and I’d like to knit myself a shrug to hide as much of myself as possible.  It’s a lace pattern, which will be difficult to pull off successfully with all of the distractions in my house, but I think I can totally do it.

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Eva’s Ruffled Top – Fourth Progress Report

I know you’ve been waiting for a crafting update from me.  😉


Slowly but surely I’ve been making progress.  The body is done, and I’ll be moving on to finishing the sleeves next.  I hope that weird “seam” looking line and the flipping hem sort out after blocking.  (The seam is from magic looping.)  In hindsight, I wish I had switched to larger needles when I went from knitting flat to knitting in the round (the difference in gauge is really noticeable), and I wish I had followed my instincts and knit the body shorter instead of following the pattern.  The body looks unnaturally long, unfortunately.

Anyway, I’ll provide another update once I’ve made some sizeable progress on the sleeves.  🙂