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An Introduction

Many moons ago I started a blog on Blogger called Life’s Little Purls.  My intention was to maintain a blog that focused solely on my crafting endeavors, but somewhere along the way it turned into more of an “experiences” blog with a little crafting thrown in here and there.  While that is all well and good, I’d still like to have a blog that is just for my creations and nothing more.

I chose WordPress for two reasons.  Number one, it fell in my lap, and number two, I can blog directly from my handy-dandy phone.  I’m going to have to brush up on my typing skills, though.  I’m not much of a speed demon on my teensy QWERTY keyboard.  Anyway, I feel I should explain this blog’s title.  It’s obviously a play on Moby Dick – the title of a book that I have no desire to read.  My title is very different in meaning, though, as “Moby” stands for mobile (as in phone – since I’m going to be doing most of my blogging via phone), and “Knit” pays homage to my main craft, knitting.

I hope that this blog will serve as a place to post my projects, comments, tips, self-written patterns, hardships (craft related only!), and accomplishments.  Thanks for stopping by!

*For more information about me, please consult the “About” section.