Moby Knit

It's a handmade adventure!

Bird Sighting List

The following is a list of birds I’ve seen in my yard.  Hopefully it’ll grow over the years!

-American Robin
-Blue Jay
-Northern Cardinal
-Dark-Eyed Junco (White-Winged Race)
-Wild Turkey
-Black-Capped Chickadee
-Tufted Titmouse
-White Breasted Nuthatch
-American Goldfinch
-House Finch
-Eastern Bluebird
-Downy Woodpecker
-Brown-Headed Cowbird
-Chipping Sparrow
-Turkey Vulture
-European Starling
-American Crow
-Common Flicker
-Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
-Common Grackle
-Red-Bellied Woodpecker
-Blue Grosbeak
-Mourning Dove
-Scarlet Tanager
-Black Billed Cuckoo
-Gray Catbird
-House Wren
-Great Crested Flycatcher
-Eastern Phoebe
-Red Breasted Nuthatch
-Red Tailed Hawk
-Bald Eagle
-American Woodcock
-English Sparrow
-Carolina Wren

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