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Fall Calls For Cowls!


Over the weekend I photographed two of my knitted cowls.  My sister-in-law was visiting, and she’s the perfect model, so I ambushed her on her way to the park with my daughters.  Word of warning – if you’re related to me, I’ll force you to pose for pictures while wearing my handknit items.

Okay, so I started this Snowdrift Infinity Cowl last winter with the intention of wearing it that season.  Obviously it didn’t work out, but it’s finished now and ready for this season!


003I used Knit Picks City Tweed Heavy Worsted in “Showshoe.”  I love the stitch pattern.  It’s not something you see very often.  The yarn is a tad itchy around my neck, but I’m hoping I get used to it.  Either that or I’ll have to wear it over a turtleneck.

The next cowl I knit for a friend for Christmas.  She’s a huge Outlander fan, so what would be more perfect than a replica of the cowl Claire wore in the show?


007This beast was knit with two strands of Thick and Quick in “Barley” and size 50 needles.  I used the Sassenach Cowl pattern, although a pattern wasn’t really needed.  I changed the stitch count and the length to my liking.  I think my friend is going to love it.  It looks exactly like the original!  I bought way too much yarn, so I might make one for myself.  I have to admit, it’s pretty darn stylish!

My project pages are linked below.

Snowdrift Infinity Cowl

Sassenach Cowl


Author: Moby Knit


6 thoughts on “Fall Calls For Cowls!

  1. Those are really pretty and you did a great job altering the cowl pattern, did you know Lion Brand has a bunch of Outlander knits?

  2. Size 50!?!! I’ll bet it went quick! I used 35s once but I’ve never gone all the way to a 50!

    • It was definitely quick relative to my other projects, but 50s are awkward and hard on the hands. I was surprised at how long it took me to get used to knitting with them!

  3. Bet that ‘sassy’ cowl would be quick and easy for gifts!

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