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Miss Kirsi – Complete!


The final Christmas piece has been finished!  I can’t believe I knitted two sweaters, two fingering weight dresses, and a vest in time for Christmas!  I already bought the girls’ Easter outfits.  I’m not outfitting three kids again for a very, very long time.

005Kirsi’s Miss Daisy is blocked, buttoned, and ready for action!  Everything is the same as Eva’s aside from the size.  This one is the two year old size.  I hope to get pictures of all of the kids modeling their Christmas outfits as soon as I pick up a pair of pants for Ronan and some blouses for the girls.

Extra details can be found here.


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10 thoughts on “Miss Kirsi – Complete!

  1. That is darling. Lucky Kirsi!

  2. I can’t believe you completed all those! And in fingering weight. That’s a bazillion stitches. Congrats! They look awesome.

  3. Just adorable!! Off to bookmark that pattern.

  4. love the pattern. Thanks for sharing.

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