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Bluebirds, the Sequel

After successfully raising their first brood of the season, I was surprised to see the bluebirds had gotten right back to business so soon. For a couple days I thought I had seen movement in the bluebird box, and I finally became curious enough to check on it.  Looks like Madam is quite the prolific egg layer:


I think she’s incubating because she’s constantly in the box at this point. It’s hot as Hades over here, so I don’t know how she can handle sitting in that box all day, but then again, I’m not a bird. I’ll check again in the next few days for hatchlings!


Daisy Stitch Baby Blanket – First Progress Report

A few days ago, I started a baby blanket for our baby-to-be. I bought the yarn a while ago when I saw it on sale at Jimmy Beans Wool, but it took forever for me to settle on a pattern. I finally choose this daisy stitch blanket that I downloaded during a promotion.

The yarn I’m using is Grignasco Merinogold in a creamy white. It’s a dk weight 100% superwash merino.  (The pattern called for fingering weight.)  I like substantial baby blankets, so in addition to using a thicker yarn, I cast on 40 extra stitches. Unfortunately, my efforts weren’t sufficient. The blanket is only measuring 29 inches across, and I estimate I’ll get about 26 inches in length before I run out of yarn. 😦 I hope it blocks out bigger.


I’m not happy that the border is rippling, but I have high hopes that the blocking process will fix that. Other than all of the negative things I just mentioned, I do like the stitch pattern. I think it’ll make for a very warm and cushy blanket!  I’ve only managed to knit 4.5 inches so far, so I need to get my rear in gear and knock this out so I can move on to other things before the little guy is born!