2014 Ravellenic Sweater Progress Report #1

I have been knitting furiously since the Olympics began. I’ve even been giving up sleep to knit. Unfortunately, my efforts have not been rewarded. I am so far behind.


I’m about 3 inches past the yoke. That yoke, by far, was the biggest I’ve ever knit. I’m accustomed to knit baby sweaters, which have tiny yokes in comparison.

The good news is that it fits. I made Kai try it on last night. It looks like it’s going to fit with just the right amount of ease. :)

I’m going to keep forging ahead, but I’m losing hope with each passing day. I need a miracle!

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8 Responses to 2014 Ravellenic Sweater Progress Report #1

  1. Sara Crafts says:

    Are you sure Kai doesn’t want a crop top? Maybe even sleeveless? :)

  2. I’ve had a hospital appointment this afternoon so decided I would knit whilst in the waiting area. The needles are in my hands but not a stitch has been made I’ve been so transfixed by the figure skating. So I understand not getting as much done as originally planned.

  3. trpeters02 says:

    It’s coming out great!

  4. floofymoose says:

    I’m having the same issue with my cardigan. I didn’t get nearly as much done during the work week as I had hoped! Good luck!

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