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Practice Makes Perfect


I’ve still been faithfully crafting, but I haven’t got anything crafty to share since I’m waiting for a modeled shot of the leg warmers I finished for a customer.  In the meantime, I’ve turned my attention to my Milk Run Shawl, and I’m hoping to have it finished, or almost finished, by the time the Winter Olympics begin.  I like to pretend it’s my training piece. 🙂

This year I’ve decided to participate in the Ravellenics for the first time ever!  I’ve chosen a project, joined a team, and now I’m counting down the days like a giddy child waiting for Christmas.  I am so excited, actually, that I’m going to swatch. At this point, those of you who know me are probably wondering if hell has frozen over.  I cannot confirm that it has, but I have my suspicions.

While I don’t have anything yarny for you to admire, I do have some pictures I took over the past few days. My photography skills are still lacking, but I like to think that I learn something new every time I pull out my camera.  Sometime next week I’m going to try using my camera on a tripod. Baby steps, I say.


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4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Beautiful pictures! The babies are so adorable!!
    What is Ravellenics?

    • Thank you!

      The Ravellenics is a knitting/crocheting event that coincides with the Olympics. You can join a team on Ravelry (there are tons) or do it on your own. The object is to pick a challenging project and complete it during the Olympics. (Casting on takes place during the opening ceremonies and finishing takes place sometime before the end of the closing ceremonies.) There’s no shaming if you don’t make the deadline. It’s a fun, friendly event and an opportunity to challenge yourself!

      (Oh, and there are all kinds of events you can enter. If you finish within the Olympic time period, you earn a badge for your profile!)

      • Oh. I may have to do it! Which team did you join? Is each team doing the same project?

      • I’m on the Knit Picks Lovers team, but if you check out the official Ravellenics 2014 group on Ravelry, there are a ton of teams to choose from. (I don’t know how to link to the group in the comments, but if you check my Rav profile, it’s in there.)

        Generally each participant chooses their own project, but I can’t say there isn’t a team out there that’s doing a KAL/CAL. The team I joined isn’t doing the same project.

        If you do join a team, they’ll tell you how to tag your project so it shows up as belonging to your team. In addition, you choose an “event” to enter which also requires a special tag.

        I’m no expert as this is my first time, but it sounds like once you choose your event, you have to post your FO in that event’s thread in the Ravellenics group by the deadline to earn a “medal” for your profile.

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