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Leg Warmers – First Progress Report


Wow!  Long time no write!  It’s been quite a while since I last blogged.  The holidays were CRAZY busy for us.  Well, they were crazy busy for me, at least.  I’m in charge of all things Christmas, so I was tasked with lots of baking, buying, wrapping, decorating, and organizing/carrying out visits.  Now that we’re back to our regular grind, I’m ready to move forward with another commissioned project – a pair of leg warmers.

My customer requested a pair of black, adult-sized leg warmers with a large flower at the top of each warmer.  She included a picture of a pair of leg warmers modeled on a baby as a guide.  Because she doesn’t have baby-sized legs, I ended up having to design a pattern from scratch.  The baby-sized leg warmers appeared to be a simple tube done in single crochet.  While that’s all fine and dandy for little baby legs, something like that definitely wouldn’t work for an adult.  I ended up using half double crochet as the main stitch (single crochet would have made me pull out my hair), threw in some increases, and knit ribbing onto both ends.

Edited 094

I’ve finished one whole leg warmer and part of the second.  I’ll be adding the flowers when I’ve finish both warmers.  That’s the best part, so I’m saving it for last. 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Leg Warmers – First Progress Report

  1. Ah! The infamous leg warmers!

  2. I hope to learn to crochet this year! The leg warmers look great! Can’t wait to see the finished product sigh the flowers!!

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