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Milk Run Shawl – First Progress Report


Although I’ve neglected to provide any further updates on the gloves I was knitting for my cousin, they *are* finished and are currently soaking in a nice Eucalan bath. I hope to have them ready for their photo shoot sometime this weekend.

Instead of getting down to business and working on a few projects that have Christmas deadlines, I chose to start a selfish project. It’s all for me, and I’m making it in some very luxurious yarn. I don’t feel the least but guilty. It’s high time I made something substantial for myself!


I’m using the MR 3 instructions contained in the Milk Run Shawl pattern. The yarn is MadelineTosh Vintage in “Onyx.” It was a complete pain in the behind to wind, but now that it’s been tamed, I’m feeling much more warmly toward it. I’m a little worried that the color will fade since the yarn is bleeding onto my hands, but I’ll come to terms with that if or when it happens. I originally wanted a dark gray colorway, so it won’t be the end of the world.

The pattern is very simple. The “tab” that forms the beginning of the shawl was a little strange in my opinion, but I’m a completely inexperienced shawl knitter, so this technique may be popular with experienced shawl knitters.

I love that this is a mindless knit, and I can work on it in front of the TV with ease. I can’t wait to wear it this winter. It’s going to be so cozy!


Author: Moby Knit


6 thoughts on “Milk Run Shawl – First Progress Report

  1. I say yay for selfish knitting especially before Christmas. So much of my knitting goes out the door or on my family, it is important to knit for yourself. Only I think we should call it Care of Self Knitting! Enjoy.

  2. Beautiful!!! We all deserve some selfish knitting once in a while!!

  3. You know I’m going to have to pet that yarn when I visit over the Thanksgiving holiday!

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