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Eva’s Koala Hat


An amazing feat of speed and resourcefulness took place in the past 24 hours. I started and finished Eva’s koala hat, which she’ll be wearing for trick or treating this year. Trick or Treat falls on her birthday, so that weekend will be jam packed with lots of fun activities.

For this hat I used Wool Ease Thick and Quick in “Grey Marble” and an 8mm hook. I made the 6-12 month size since I used way thicker yarn than called for, but it still ended up adult sized. Eva can see out of it when it’s on her head, so that’s all that matters.


I used every bit of the one skein of Thick and Quick that I had. I wanted to add braids and bigger ears, but I wasn’t about to buy another skein. That stuff is expensive!

I made the eyes and nose from felt. I used some of that no-sew glue to affix the felt pieces. Supposedly it’s washable, and I figured it was better than tacky glue.  It’s definitely not realistic, but I think it’s cute.


Author: Moby Knit


5 thoughts on “Eva’s Koala Hat

  1. I’m waiting for the “action” shots!

  2. Good to see koalas are making an appearance at Halloween..and this is a great one!

  3. Tooo cute! Thanks for liking my site! Hope to interact occasionally.

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