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Stocking Stuffer Dishcloths


I know this is a pretty boring share on my part, but I wanted to prove that I have been knitting during my blogging absence.


I made these dishcloths with Knit Picks Dishie in “Mulberry” and “Kenai.” The Kenai is definitely going to bleed during the first use. It rubbed off on my bamboo needles. I didn’t notice any dye transfer when using the Mulberry, but I wouldn’t trust it. I will let the recipients (my mom and MIL) know to be careful when washing them for the first time.


I have more Dishie in my stash that I will probably turn into a set of dishcloths for myself. I love this yarn. I’ve been seriously abusing a dishcloth I made from Dishie last May, and it’s been holding up fantastically.

Now that I’m done procrastinating with these dishcloths, I can get back to the projects I’ve been avoiding, namely the crocheted Christmas tree and the Knotty Gloves. 😛

Author: Moby Knit


9 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Dishcloths

  1. Pretty! I should really knit up some more dish clothes. They are so much nicer than the store bought ones.

    And I was wondering about that Christmas tree…. 🙂

    • I love my Dishie dishcloth! I’ve never used a dishcloth made from Sugar n’ Cream, so I can’t compare them for use, but the Dishie seems stronger on the skein.

      I’m working on the Christmas tree as we speak. I hate it. Lol.

      • I’ve made a few for my Mom with S&C and they hold up rather well. The only downside is that they get dingy looking because the dye fades. How does the color fair with the Dishie?

        Are you at least close to finishing the tree?

      • I used a light color the first time, and it hasn’t faded at all. It looks clean when it comes out of the washer. I can’t speak for the darker colors, though.

        Ummmm, the cone is done and I’ve done 5 rounds of branches. I could probably finish it in a few hours if I could just find the time. I’m constantly being interrupted. :/

  2. They came out great! And I love the colors!

  3. Goodness you are a dish cloth knitting machine! They look lovely in their piles…an impressive start to Christmas making.

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