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Family Photo Thursday


I promise there’s been some knitting happening. Is just been too boring to share. In an attempt to avoid finishing the Knotty Gloves, I’ve been knitting up a bunch of dishcloths for socking stuffers. Brilliant idea, I know. 🙂

Anyway, without further adieu, here are some pictures from our week:


Kirsi cuddling with Daddy's tie.


Sweet Little Princess


Eva with one of her weed bouquets.


We had to drag this wagon full of walnuts up and down the street. It was a pretty big deal.


Such a big girl!


Eva wanted to go "night night" in Mommy's bed. She wanted "Kirsi night night, too" and "Mommy night night." That was cozy for the 30 seconds it lasted.


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9 thoughts on “Family Photo Thursday

  1. Too cute and two cuties!! Yes, this time of year so many crafty knitting projects lure ones attention… So much to do, so little time! PS: those walnuts ARE a big deal – woah!

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