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Kirsi’s Dress – In Action!


Kirsi wore her dress to lunch today.



Super duper cute! 🙂


Author: Moby Knit


8 thoughts on “Kirsi’s Dress – In Action!

  1. It turned out so nice! Last night, I was on Ravelry looking at baby dress patterns in fingering weight. I’d love to make one with the navy blue sock yarn you gave me.

    • Thanks! A baby dress would be super cute in that color! I used my gift certificate to buy a bunch of fingering weight yarn in a wine color to make Kirsi a Christmas dress. I’m going to buy the Fiona pattern and use black for the accent color. I’m going to *try* to make both of the girls Christmas dresses this year. That is, after I attempt to make my cousin some gloves.

      • Good luck! I wanted to knit the Impress dress for Hannah’s Christmas outfit, but I doubt that will happen. I’m going to shoot for a 3/6 month sized dress for Ella. Possibly Rio (I think that’s the name).

      • Oooooo Rio is pretty! I especially love the examples in tonal yarns. You have me yet another pattern to covet…

        I bet it would take a buttload of yarn to make one for Eva.

      • Oh, I think I have the Fiona one in my faves. It got terrible reviews and people keep saying how poorly the pattern is written, especially for being so expensive. But the results are so, so pretty!

      • It got bad reviews? Ah darn it! I might try it regardless. It is super cute.

      • I don’t think it would be a huge problem to sort out. It may be updated now, anyway. I would have a hard time shelling out 9 bucks for a single pattern, though.

      • Yeah, $9 is a lot for a pattern. I grappled with it, too. I’m trying to decide whether I’ll be knitting it more than once. If I do, I can sort of rationalize the purchase.

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