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September Stroll


This morning I took the girls for a walk since the weather outside was rather mild. Apparently it wasn’t mild enough for me, though, as I was exhausted and covered in sweat by the time we got back home. I’ve been having a hard time keeping cool since I had Kirsi. I’m sure it’s a combination of weight gain and hormones. However, the walk (and exercise) was worth it.


Kirsi enjoyed our morning stroll.


Pretty little weed flower.




Eva takes a whiff!


Eva shows off some of the flowers from our walk.


My lovely weed bouquet. 🙂

I’m looking forward to our impending cool-down as fall approaches. I’m ready for open windows, colorful leaves, brisk air, and more walks!

Author: Moby Knit


5 thoughts on “September Stroll

  1. Oh, I love walks! I wish it were mild enough for walks here, but it’s not…quite. A few more weeks, perhaps.
    Your daughters are so sweet, such pretty eyes! 🙂

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