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Another Busy Weekend!

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This past weekend was a busy one. I got pretty much no knitting done, but that’s okay.  Kai, Kirsi, and I spent Friday and Saturday in PA for my friend’s wedding. Eva got to spend the weekend with her grandparents. (She would have hated going to the wedding. Too many rules!) Now that we’re home and I can finally relax, I thought I’d share some pictures.


Kirsi and Mommy after the ceremony.


Mommy, Daddy, and Kirsi


Kirsi and Daddy hanging out in the bridal suite.


Eva wearing an outfit of her choosing.


Eva happily offered Aunt Rae her toes for polishing.


Eva and Aunt Rae took a ride on Eva's horse after a mani/pedi session.


Baby Kirsi ♥

Poor Kai is going to need all week to recover after acting as Mr. Mom for the weekend. He was solely responsible for Kirsi (aside from feedings) since I had wedding duties. I think it’s good for dads to experience such things. It puts what SAHMs do into perspective. Next time I’ll make him cover all the nightly duties, too, just so that his take on it is as accurate as possible.  😉


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