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A Mammoth Falls

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Today, while I was sitting on the porch with Eva, I heard a crack and saw one of my mammoth sunflowers plummet to the ground. I don’t know enough about sunflowers to know whether the seeds in the fallen plant’s head will ripen now that the plant is broken. I cut off the head anyway and brought it onto the porch.


It was by far the biggest flower Eva had ever seen. And it was yellow. She spent some time carefully investigating the bloom, then moved on to plucking the petals. I’ll leave it on the porch to see if the seeds become viable, but I have my doubts. It’s a shame really, because that was one tall plant!

The rest of my mammoths are still standing, and I hope they stay that way. I need at least one to ripen so I can harvest some seeds!


Author: Moby Knit


One thought on “A Mammoth Falls

  1. that is huge!!!

    I never knew they got so big.

    – Michael

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