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Braided Cable Cardigan – First Progress Report


I bound off my shrug yesterday, so of course I had to cast on something new as soon as possible. In my previous post, I showed you some Knit Picks Swish Worsted that I wound into cakes. Today I’ll show you what it’ll become and my progress.


Above is the start of a sweater jacket I’m making for Eva. I’ve made it a little farther than this photo shows, and I’m now cabling like crazy. The pattern has been a piece of cake so far, and I’m really enjoying this whole sweater-in-worsted-weight experience.

There’s one thing I’m not enjoying, though. I seem to be reacting to the yarn. It’s making me cough and my throat itch. I don’t know if bits of fiber are coming loose or if the chemicals used in processing the yarn are irritating me, but it’s pretty annoying. I hope a good soak and wash will clear everything up (And soften the yarn. I was surprised at how scratchy it is!). I don’t want Eva to wear a jacket that makes her feel sick. Thoughts?


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4 thoughts on “Braided Cable Cardigan – First Progress Report

  1. 😦 I hope you’re not all itchy and coughy through the whole jacket! On the bright side, at least it’s child-sized.

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