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New Phone, New Abilities


Yesterday I bought a new phone and spent a large chunk of today getting to know it. For the curious, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S4.  My previous phone was incredibly outdated, had a less than stellar camera (including a permanent black dot in the lens), and was starting to run really slow. My new phone, on the other hand, has a fantastic camera, a HUGE screen (compared to my previous phone), and tons of cool features that I have yet to figure out how to operate. I’m sure my opinion will change when it starts to malfunction, though. I must give off some sort of continuous radiation that causes electronics to fry. I have trouble with pretty much anything that needs a power source to function.

Anyway, since I now possess this decent phone, I downloaded a bunch of photo editing apps so I can play with my photos like everyone else. Here are some examples of my work:


Marigolds growing in one of my flowerbeds.


Petunias from one of my flowerbeds.


Mammoth Sunflowers in bloom.


Kirsi caught her tongue!


Eva draws a circle while playing on the porch.


Kirsi practices her duck face.


Eva gives her little sister a kiss.

I’m still exploring all of my options, and I’m so excited to be able to jazz up the images I post from this point forward. Now if I could only adapt to this touchscreen keyboard. ..


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2 thoughts on “New Phone, New Abilities

  1. I use Pixl Express (it’s free) almost exclusively. If I want to make a collage, I use PicsArt. Have fun with your new toy!

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