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Lacy Shrug – Third Progress Report


I took the plunge and finally seamed my shrug.  Poorly.


I am terrible at seaming.  I have tried to improve, believe me.  As evidenced in the above photo, you can see why I avoid garments that require seaming.  :/  The pattern said to seam 3.75 inches on each side, but I only seamed 3.5 inches per side.  That left a 23 inch opening which fit when I tried on the shrug.


After seaming the ‘sleeves,’ I picked up stitches around the neck for the ribbing.  The pattern says I should have picked up 216 stitches for the XL size.  Ha!  I picked up 178, and there wasn’t any more available space to pick up more.  I hope it fits when I’m finished!  Since 178 isn’t divisible by 4, I had to go with 1×1 ribbing instead of 2×2.  I was a little disappointed, but I’m over it now.


My intention is to knit more ribbing than called for in the pattern, yarn permitting. I need lots of coverage!


Author: Moby Knit


9 thoughts on “Lacy Shrug – Third Progress Report

  1. It’s looking good!

    What technique did you use for the seaming?

    • Ummm…some variation of mattress? I tried all different ways, but they all looked bad. I think the lace edges just didn’t want to cooperate.

      • Maybe putting the right sides together and whip stitching would work? The wrong side doesn’t show, right? But you probably already tried that… along with a bunch of other ways.

        You could always take a crochet hook and add a slip stitch edge to both sides where you want them seamed. It would be easy to sew the two sides together using those chains and the results should be pretty neat and unobtrusive.

      • I tried the whip stitching. I guess since there are yarn overs right near the edge, the stitching showed through.

        I didn’t even think of using crochet! Duh! I’ve already started the ribbing, so I don’t know if it’s wise to rip out the seam. :/ Either way, the seam is in the armpit, so it doesn’t show when worn.

      • You can always try crochet next time you run into a seaming issue. At least this time it wasn’t a visible seam.

      • I definitely will. Although I’ll be doing everything I can to avoid seaming first! 😀

  2. Hope the numbers work out for you. I always seem to end up with a different number of stitches to whatever the pattern calls for too because I’m forever changing things, and it always seems to work out ok in the end, so fingers crossed! 😀

    • I finished the ribbing on the body and tried it on over a t-shirt. It felt kind of tight, but I expect it to stretch out a bit with wear since it’s cotton. Here’s hoping the stretch plus lack of t-shirt make for a comfortable fit! 🙂

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