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Christmas Tree With Red Ornaments – First Progress Report


Since I needed a project to work on while my shrug was blocking, I started crocheting a Christmas tree for a friend of the family.  She sent over a crocheted Christmas tree that her grandmother had made years ago and asked me to make something similar.  After a little bit of searching on Ravelry, I decided to try this pattern.


Christmas Tree Cone

I added 10 rounds to the cone following the established increase pattern to give the tree more height. 


The finished tree seen in this photo is what I'm attempting to recreate.

I was told I could take some creative liberties, so I’m using green yarn only, and I’m going to use beads for the ornaments instead of using hot glue to attach pom poms to the tree.  I haven’t decided what I’ll do for a star, yet, but I’m pretty sure pipe cleaners will be involved.


Starting to branch out!

I’ve started adding some branches, and after a little ripping, I’ve determined how I’ll be adding the beads.  (This is my first time using beads, so I needed to practice a little.)  I will start using the beads after I’ve completed a few rounds of branches.  I tried adding a bead to one of the braches in the second round, and it touched the ground.  Not exactly what I was going for.

I’m pretty confident that this tree will look awesome when it’s done.  And if I’m successful, I’m totally making one for me.


Author: Moby Knit


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree With Red Ornaments – First Progress Report

  1. I made something similar for my Mommom. She bought a kit from Annie’s Attic and since she’s more of a knitter, not a crocheter, it was my job to make it. Mine had “snow”, though. I think it had a Styrofoam cone to stabilize it, but I can’t remember. How does yours stand up?

    • The one she sent as an example has a cone in it. I assume that’s what I’ll do with the one I’m making, but the directions say it may stand up on its own. I could also try stuffing it, but I think I prefer the cone.

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