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Lacy Shrug – Second Progress Report

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I think it’s about time that I post an update on my Lacy Shrug.  I finished the lace portion today!


Lacy Shrug – Blocking


The pattern directs you to knit the lacy part first, block it, and then do all of the seaming and ribbing.  I blocked this pretty aggressively since I wanted the lace to open up and lay flat.  The unblocked piece looked a bit like egg crate.  This is definitely one of those lace pattern that needs blocking.

As I was knitting, I made the decision to knit only 5 repeats of the lace pattern.  (The pattern called for 5.5.)  The short sides were already long enough to go around my upper arms by the time I had completed 5 repeats.  I’m not sure what measurements I blocked to because I lazily didn’t measure (and now I can’t because it’s in Eva’s room, and she’s sleeping), but I’ll be sure to take some measurements once it’s dry and unpinned.

I was able to complete the lace portion with 2 skeins of Cascade Pima Silk and a smidgen of a third skein.  I had to join the last skein during the last row.  (And that made me way angrier than it should have.)  I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to finish the ribbing with loads of yarn to spare.  In fact, I’m considering knitting the body ribbing longer for even more coverage.


Close up of the pretty lace pattern.


I am so in love with this lace pattern, and I can’t wait to wear my pretty shrug.

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