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Sleeping Beauties



Kirsi refused to sleep in an other position or location.


Ever the princess, Eva slept clutching her wand.



Author: Moby Knit


4 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauties

  1. Super cute! Hannah spent her first 5 months refusing to sleep unless it was in our bed, in that position, snuggled up to me. I should have embraced it and enjoyed the down time instead of stressing out about not getting anything done. Live and learn. 🙂

    Is Eva a fairy princess? She has an awesome naptime accessory. Every little girl needs a twinkly wand!

    • I’ve gotten into the bad habit of allowing Kirsi to sleep in our bed. It’s very hard to get her to sleep anywhere else. We tried letting her lay in the bed with Kai once, but she didn’t stay asleep for very long with him. She sleeps through the night in her own crib, but when she wakes up for breakfast #1, she wants to stay in the bed with me afterwards.

      Eva is such a fairy princess. She loves to wave that wand around. Plus it’s yellow, and she just loves yellow. 🙂

      • I say, go with what works- especially with infants. When I stopped listening to everyone else’s advice, it was waaay less stressful. 🙂 Hannah has been in her crib for almost 2 weeks. Still a LOT of screaming when I put her in at night and I make quite a few trips to the nursery before she finally falls asleep. But… some nights she sleeps all the way through until 5 or 6am, so that’s good. On the nights when she wakes up at 3am and refuses to go back to sleep, she eventually (after at least 2 sleepless hours) gets to come and snuggle in bed with me.

      • True. Eva was still sleeping in the bed with us until I was about 23 weeks pregnant. One night she slept over her grandparents’ house, and after that we made her sleep in her crib. After about a week she became a pro at sleeping in her own bed. We put her on a nap schedule during that week, too, and suddenly I had guaranteed “peaceful” time during the day. I’m so glad she’s in her own bed and on a schedule now that Kirsi’s here. I’m working on syncing Kirsi to the same schedule, but she’s still a bit young.

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