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Braided Cable Cardigan – Third Progress Report

I am very, very worried. This is how far I’ve made it with half the yarn I have on hand for this project:


It’s not looking good for long sleeves, I’m afraid. I’ll probably do a couple rounds of stockinette and finish them off with some ribbing. It’ll still be cute. Let’s look on the bright side, short sleeves means I’ll have it finished sooner!

The tonal yarn is pooling, which doesn’t have me thrilled, but that’s the nature of variegated yarns. I’m sure Eva will wear it regardless of its perceived (by me) shortcomings.



Lacy Shrug – Complete!

This lovely shrug had been finished for a while (and in plenty of time for the wedding, I might add), but I just got around to forcing Kai to take pictures of me wearing it. I think it turned out really nice. 🙂





I used less than 3 skeins of Cascade Pima Silk to complete this project. If I had followed the instructions, I would have had to dip into the fourth skein. I made a ton of modifications, all of which can be found on my Rav page. This was an extremely easy project, and I think everyone should make one. 😉

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A Mammoth Falls

Today, while I was sitting on the porch with Eva, I heard a crack and saw one of my mammoth sunflowers plummet to the ground. I don’t know enough about sunflowers to know whether the seeds in the fallen plant’s head will ripen now that the plant is broken. I cut off the head anyway and brought it onto the porch.


It was by far the biggest flower Eva had ever seen. And it was yellow. She spent some time carefully investigating the bloom, then moved on to plucking the petals. I’ll leave it on the porch to see if the seeds become viable, but I have my doubts. It’s a shame really, because that was one tall plant!

The rest of my mammoths are still standing, and I hope they stay that way. I need at least one to ripen so I can harvest some seeds!


Braided Cable Cardigan – Second Progress Report

At this point I’m well into the raglan portion of the sweater.  I even made my first buttonhole!


I really like how the cables are turning out. I think this sweater would look great in a tonal green to accentuate the whole celtic vibe. Maybe Kirsi will get one next year.   🙂

The fabric is very stiff, but I’m hoping that with blocking, the collar will lay down. I guess working with cotton and silk for my previous project has made me extra sensitive to the bulk and roughness of wool. I’ll adjust, I’m sure.


Braided Cable Cardigan – First Progress Report

I bound off my shrug yesterday, so of course I had to cast on something new as soon as possible. In my previous post, I showed you some Knit Picks Swish Worsted that I wound into cakes. Today I’ll show you what it’ll become and my progress.


Above is the start of a sweater jacket I’m making for Eva. I’ve made it a little farther than this photo shows, and I’m now cabling like crazy. The pattern has been a piece of cake so far, and I’m really enjoying this whole sweater-in-worsted-weight experience.

There’s one thing I’m not enjoying, though. I seem to be reacting to the yarn. It’s making me cough and my throat itch. I don’t know if bits of fiber are coming loose or if the chemicals used in processing the yarn are irritating me, but it’s pretty annoying. I hope a good soak and wash will clear everything up (And soften the yarn. I was surprised at how scratchy it is!). I don’t want Eva to wear a jacket that makes her feel sick. Thoughts?


For The First Time

After letting them languish in the closet for way too long, I finally tried out the new swift and ball winder that I bought long ago. I’m this close to finishing my shrug, so I wanted to prepare the yarn for my next project.


My swift and ball winder!


The yarn - Knit Picks Swish Worsted in "Blue Violet"


The yarn on the swift.


The ball winder ready for assembly.


I'm winding!


Completed yarn cakes.

The cake on the left looks a little wonky. It’s the second one I wound, so I’m not sure what I did differently. I’m assuming it has to do with the tension. I’ll knit from that cake first. I don’t want the yarn to stay stressed (if it is) for too long.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and simple the process was. It took me a few minutes to set everything up (it’ll only take a minute next time since I now know how everything works) and literally a minute per hank to wind.  Much quicker than hand winding! I had to fight the urge to wind everything in my stash, one, because I read hank form is easiest on the yarn, and two, because it would take three years to wind my ginormous stash. I don’t want to tell you how long it took me to find that yarn when I went searching for it in my many bins, boxes, and bags…