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Lacy Shrug – First Progress Report


Yesterday I started knitting the shrug I intend to wear at my friend’s wedding on August 31st.  I’m a bit of a mess body-wise, so I wanted to make something that would help cover up some of my post-partum chub.  After much debate, I settled on the “Buff” colorway of Cascade’s Pima Silk.  The dress is a purple/blue/gray color, and I felt that Buff was a good, non-clashing neutral.

The pattern is simple enough.  I’ve been knitting it in front of the TV, which I know isn’t a good idea considering it’s lace, but I’m doing it anyway.  I chose to knit the XL (42″ bust) size.  I’m not measuring normally at the moment due to breastfeeding, so I hope it fits.  I had a hard time chosing a size since the shrug doesn’t actually cover the bust area (so do I really need to account for bigger boobs?), and I have tension issues (I knit at a bulletproof gauge).


Above is a poorly lit shot of my progress.  I’m working on the second repeat of the lace pattern.  The pattern says to knit 5.5 lace repeats for the 42″ size, but I’m going to keep knitting until the short ends of the rectangle fit comfortably around my upper arms.  Right now I’m feeling pretty good about completing this by the end of the month, but that doesn’t take into account any mistakes and consequent ripping, both of which are pretty much inevitable.  As always, I’ll keep you updated.


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2 thoughts on “Lacy Shrug – First Progress Report

  1. Ahh! How funny that we’re both making cover ups at the same time! I’m sure yours will turn out great. With my limited time frame, I had to pick the fastest looking crochet pattern I could find that would work with my dk?…sport weight?… I have no idea yarn.

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