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Snippets of the Past Week

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Last week was pretty busy.  For us, that is.  We don’t usually “go out” for activities, but last week we went out twice.  And then Uncle JJ slept over Friday night and played with Eva for most of Saturday.  Needless to say, Eva spent today recovering from all the fun she had.


Eva was set on using a glass cup with a straw.


Kirsi and Uncle Jon partied like rockstars at his birthday dinner.


This did not happen under my watch. 🙂


The weather was finally nice enough for Eva to make use of her porch pool!


Kirsi and Daddy relaxed after Friday night dinner with Gwanny, Pop pop, and Uncle JJ.


Eva tried to put a pretty yellow hairbow in Kirsi's hair so they could match.


Mammoth sunflower progress.


If we're lucky, we might get a flower right in the window! 🙂


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