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Shortly before Kirsi was born, I planted a bunch of sunflower seeds.  (I thought all the squatting would put me into labor.  It didn’t.  The only thing I accomplished was making myself hot, tired, and sore.)  I planted them mainly as an experiment.  I wanted to see if they’d grow and if they’d survive all the severe storms we’ve been having every summer.  Last year I tried growing some sunflowers from birdseed, and they were ravaged by the derecho that blew through.

This year I upgraded and used seeds meant for planting.  Most of them sprouted, and all of the plants are looking great!



Mammoth Sunflowers


Black Oil Sunflowers (I think)


Mammoth Sunflowers - I have no idea why one is so much taller.

I planted three different varieties.  I’m at a loss now, as to what they were.  I know I planted the mammoth kind at the front of the house and along the side near the flamingos.  I think I planted black oils, but I can’t be sure.  I planted a white variety as well, but the buds are looking awful yellow.  Maybe they’ll turn white once they open.

I’m still waiting for buds on the mammoths.  I love how tall they’ve gotten, and I think I’ll stick to just that variety next year.  (I like being able to see them in the windows.)  Sunflowers are my kind of flower.  They take practically no care, and even I haven’t managed to kill them.  😀

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4 thoughts on “Sunflowers!

  1. I had the brilliant idea to plant sunflowers along the fence down my driveway to spruce it up… Fast forward 2 months and they’re a foot tall, if that. lol I’ll be shocked if they actually bloom. The weeds along the fence are thriving, but I guess the soil wasn’t good enough for the sunflowers. : ) But I am undeterred! I WILL try again next year (with seedlings I’ll start indoors).

    • I didn’t realize there was soil that sunflowers *don’t* thrive in. What we have can’t even be classified as soil. It’s pretty much gravel. :/ What kind did you plant? The ones I planted this year look a whole lot better than my “birdseed” ones that I planted last year. Probably because the seeds you pay for are genetically superior.

      Does your driveway get a lot of sun? We get a ton of sun on that side of the house, which is why I chose sunflowers. (And the seeds are cheap. And they are hard to kill. And they require no care. Lol.)

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