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Felici Socks – First Progress Report


Time for a new project!  I have (stupidly) chosen to try to knit a pair of socks in a week’s time.  I’d like to have them done in time for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday, which is next Monday.


I’m knitting these socks again, except this time I’m actually knitting the picot cuff.  I’ve finished the cuff on the first sock and started knitting the leg.  Let me tell you, the cuff is beautiful, but it sure was a pain in the butt to secure to the inside of the sock.  Now that I’ve done one, I’ve figured out how to make it less fiddly, but boy was it a challenge in the beginning.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to complete the pair since the pattern is very plain aside from the cuff.  It’ll depend on how my little ones behave over the course of the week, though.  🙂

(I’m using Knit Picks Felici Fingering in “Marine Life” and size 2.75mm dpns.)


Author: Moby Knit


8 thoughts on “Felici Socks – First Progress Report

  1. LOVE the picot hem! And the color is gorgeous! Good luck with your ambitious time frame. Better stock up on those chocolate covered coffee beans…you’re going to need the energy. : )

  2. Good luck! The picot trim is really cute and you’ve chosen a super colour.

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