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Ribbed Toddler Top – First Progress Report

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After finishing the set of dishcloths I blogged about earlier, I spent some time trying to decide what I wanted to knit next.  My Ravelry queue surely isn’t lacking, but none of the projects in it were calling to me.  I wanted something kind of mindless and not too time consuming.  I finally settled on the Non Stop Top.  I read that the pattern runs kind of small, so I chose to do the 3-4 year size (for my 19 month old who will be 2 years old when cold weather hits) and use size 4 needles.  (Ok, the needle choice may have had more to do with what needles I actually have, but we can pretend.)

I’m using a discontinued yarn, Knit Picks Essential, in a beautiful tonal blue called “Jay.”  I bought this yarn years ago at a super discounted price when Knit Picks was clearing out their stock.  I can’t say it’s the softest, but it may soften up after washing, and Eva will be wearing a shirt underneath the top, anyway.

The pattern is pretty simple.  It’s just a ribbed raglan top with a split neck.  I’m not really a fan of split necks, but I didn’t feel like modifying the pattern.  I considered just knitting the whole thing in the round, but I doubt the top would have fit over Eva’s huge head if I did that.


I’ve completed the entire raglan portion, and now I’m just knitting straight.  The pattern says to knit the body extra long since the length gets sucked up when worn.  I’ll probably be knitting this for a while considering I don’t have a knitting-friendly schedule at this time.  At least it’s easy to put down and pick back up!

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