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After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating), Kirsi finally decided it was time to be born.


In the evening of Friday, May 10th, (one day after my due date) my water broke while I was sitting at the kitchen table pouting about the fact that I was still sans baby.  Labor quickly followed, and Kirsi was born the next day, May 11th, at 12:30pm.  Birthing was a new experience for me since Eva had been a c-section.  This time I went for a VBAC, and I was successful!  🙂


Kirsi cradled in Daddy’s hand.

Our little addition weighed 7lbs 13oz and measured 20 inches in length.  She’s a bit bigger than her sister was, but she’s still precious!  Eva is still adjusting to having a little sister, and I think it’ll take some time for her to accept the change.  After all, would you want to give up being the center of attention?



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