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A New Season, A New Clutch

I’m happy to report that the bluebirds have chosen to nest with us again this season.  I was afraid they weren’t going to, seeing as they had a group of hatchlings by Mother’s Day last year.  I’m guessing they raised their first brood of the season elsewhere…or decided to start late.


So far there are three eggs.  I’m not sure if the female is done laying.  I’ll check again in a few days to see if she adds any more.  I can’t wait to have a yard full of bluebirds again!

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Double Bump Dishcloths

Here’s what I made while waiting for labor:


Impressive, eh?  I made…count ’em…one, two, three!  One for me, one for my mom, and one for my grandmother.  In all seriousness, it was a nice mindless project for those uncertain days.  I used Knit Picks Dishie in “Linen,” size 7 needles, and this pattern

Surprisingly, I’m still not any more tempted to do dishes than I was before making these cloths.  🙂


Kirsi’s Dress – Complete!

I did end up finishing Kirsi’s Dress before she was born.  Barely.  🙂

ImageI made a couple small modifications to the shoulders.  Instead of placing a button band on one shoulder, I decided to put one on each shoulder for symmetry.  I put one button on each shoulder (instead of two), and placed two decorative buttons on the bodice.  I haven’t actually measured the dress, yet, (I’ve been kind of busy with a newborn!) but I’m pretty sure it’s a 3 month size.

Right now it’s tucked away in the girls’ “knits drawer” waiting for Kirsi to grow into it.  I’m sure she’ll be wearing it lots this summer!

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She’s Here!

After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating), Kirsi finally decided it was time to be born.


In the evening of Friday, May 10th, (one day after my due date) my water broke while I was sitting at the kitchen table pouting about the fact that I was still sans baby.  Labor quickly followed, and Kirsi was born the next day, May 11th, at 12:30pm.  Birthing was a new experience for me since Eva had been a c-section.  This time I went for a VBAC, and I was successful!  🙂


Kirsi cradled in Daddy’s hand.

Our little addition weighed 7lbs 13oz and measured 20 inches in length.  She’s a bit bigger than her sister was, but she’s still precious!  Eva is still adjusting to having a little sister, and I think it’ll take some time for her to accept the change.  After all, would you want to give up being the center of attention?



Kirsi’s Dress – Second Progress Report

Guess what?!  I’m still pregnant!  And what does that mean?  It means I’m still working on that little baby dress.


I’ve made it past the two decrease rounds, and I’m now working on the 11th pattern repeat.  At this point, I’m supposed to knit straight until the skirt measures 21 cm.  I have about 13.5 cm at the moment.

I can’t wait to get to the bodice.  The skirt isn’t necessarily hard, but it’s quite tedious!  I have to pay extra attention during the yarn over rounds since I always manage to omit one or more accidentally.  :/  Can you tell I’ve been tinking hundreds of stitches?