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An Unexpected Find


Today, upon arriving home from running some errands, I noticed a “blob” in one of my thorny bushes.  I took a closer look and saw this:


Praying Mantis Egg Case

Had I seen this a mere few weeks ago, I would have assumed my bush had some sort of disease.  Fortunately, my mother-in-law had schooled me on praying mantises when I questioned her about a setup I observed in her living room.  She is actively trying to hatch a praying mantis egg case, and she has a tank with all the fixings set up for this purpose.  (What do you expect?  She’s a zoologist!)

I called her shortly after discovering the egg case to brag.  🙂  She said she’d like to have it, so I will be carefully picking it and delivering it to her.  And by picking it I mean cutting off the part of the bush where it is attached.  I read that praying mantises like to lay their eggs in hard to access places, which explains why it’s in the middle of a thorny bush.  :/

I hope the little mantises hatch.  I’d like to see some!


Author: Moby Knit


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Find

  1. We started finding these in our plants a couple of summers ago. We didn’t know what they were at first, but when we started seeing the tiny mantises while watering, we figured it out. I love seeing so many mantises in our flowers now, and they are quite entertaining!

    • That’s so cool! The one I saw in my mother-in-law’s tank was my first. I live in prime mantis habitat, it seems, so I expect I’ll be seeing them regularly, now! I did a quick check in my other bushes to see if any more egg cases were present, but I found nothing. 😦 Then again, the bushes are close to the house, so that might be why.

      I’m looking forward to getting a call letting me know the babies hatched! 🙂

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