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Easter Sunday – Eva Style

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Eva was quite busy celebrating the Easter holiday this weekend.  First she spent some time at Gwanny and Pop Pop’s where she hunted Easter eggs, colored on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, and had a delicious Easter lunch.  Then she headed to Grammy’s house where she was treated to a delicious Easter dinner, dessert, and FINGERPAINTING.  Grammy had actual fingerpaints (not the homemade kind), so they were much bolder and brighter than the paints Eva is accustomed to using.

Things started off pretty well.


Eva kept her painting to the paper (and occasionally the table).  After a little instruction from Uncle Jon, she expertly mixed her paints into a big brown puddle.

Then, she did this:


Painting the belly!

Of course, Grammy the Elder helped Eva discover pretty much every bit of unpainted skin on her body.  A subsequent bath and a bit of scrubbing turned Eva from a reddish-brown creature into a little girl again.  The paints didn’t stain her skin at all, which was GREAT!

All that activity tuckered out little Eva.  She was so tired, that she did some coloring while laying on her back!


Tomorrow will be a much calmer day, thank goodness, and I’m looking forward to watching Eva play with all the presents the Easter Bunny brought her!


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