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Little Sister Dress – Third Progress Report

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I didn’t get the chance to do as much work as I would have liked on the Little Sister Dress over the weekend due to Eva’s very busy schedule.  She spent the better part of two days visiting her grammy.  🙂  All that dancing, eating, coloring, and playing sure tuckered her out.  I have a feeling she’ll be spending most of tomorrow recovering.

I managed to get through most of the yoke, though.  I’m on the last repeat, and once that’s done, I’ll be binding off the sleeve stitches.  Boy will I be happy to see them go!  This thing is huge!


Right now I’m magic looping it on a 60″ cable.  I’m hoping that once the sleeve stitches go, it’ll fit on one of my shorter cables so I can knit uninterrupted.  I’m also hoping I’ll be able to pick up speed while working on the skirt portion.  I’ve got a lot of little clothes to knock out in a short amount of time!

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