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Today Eva woke up much later in the morning than she usually does (8:45am as opposed to 6:45am), so she didn’t take a nap before going to lunch at her grammy’s workplace.  While there, she didn’t seem at all tired or worn out, but she must have been because she fell asleep on the ride home.  She didn’t even wake up when I brought her inside and took off her boots!


I laid her in her crib and semi-removed her coat so she wouldn’t overheat.  Little Eva spent the next two hours snoozing peacefully.  She woke up once in a panic, and I assume that was because she had no idea how she got from lunch to her crib.  The situation was quickly rectified with a sucky, her sleepy puppy, and her musical seahorse. 

I just love watching my baby sleep.  🙂


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