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Coloring Fool!

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Earlier this evening, Eva spent about an hour coloring with her daddy.




I decided it was time to get Eva her very own set of crayons and a pad of decently weighted paper after observing her “coloring” with a tire pressure gauge.  (Don’t ask, she finds weird stuff around the house.)  We got her the “fat” crayons to avoid breakage and the heavier paper to avoid tearing/shredding during virgorous coloring.  So far she hasn’t tried to eat the crayons, which is nice, and she keeps her coloring on the paper (most of the time).

The most comfortable position for coloring, it seems, is on the belly.  Also, making tons of little dots by slamming the crayon points on the paper is super fun.  (Eva has two coloring styles – little dots and little scribbles.)  Coloring is a team activity according to Eva, and she expects that a partner will be present at all times.  Poor Kai tried to get up off the floor, and he was quickly scolded.

I’m quite pleased with this new activity.  It creates no mess and keeps her happy for more than 3 seconds.  Plus I get a pretty picture when she’s done.  🙂


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