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16 Months!

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I haven’t written much about Eva lately, let alone shared some recent pictures.  :/  I guess I like to stick to the knitting, but sometimes I can’t resist!

My cutie is now 16 months old.  I can’t believe it.  Just yesterday she was a newborn!  Now she’s walking, and talking (well…babbling), and being all mischievous.  She’s taken a liking to testing boundaries, and I can already tell the next few years will be a challenge!


Eva's reaction to seeing her picture on the wall.


Standing on her stool by the window. She likes to wave at things - people, animals, thin air.


Munching on a waffle!


Eva drawing a picture for her Uncle Robert.


Eating pasta - her favorite!


Sleeping with her puppy. 🙂


Eva sometimes acts like a civilized person.

She’s been hitting all her milestones at the appropriate times and has become well adjusted to toddlerdom.  We’ve baby-proofed the house, but to occupy her time, she keeps finding new and dangerous things.  She really enjoys dancing and has blossomed into quite the little performer.  I hope she never becomes self conscious.  Her dancing is so cute!

It’s hard for me to imagine that in a little over two months, she’s going to be a big sister.  She’s always been the baby!  I guess I’ll just have two babies.  🙂


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