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16 Months!

I haven’t written much about Eva lately, let alone shared some recent pictures.  :/  I guess I like to stick to the knitting, but sometimes I can’t resist!

My cutie is now 16 months old.  I can’t believe it.  Just yesterday she was a newborn!  Now she’s walking, and talking (well…babbling), and being all mischievous.  She’s taken a liking to testing boundaries, and I can already tell the next few years will be a challenge!


Eva's reaction to seeing her picture on the wall.


Standing on her stool by the window. She likes to wave at things - people, animals, thin air.


Munching on a waffle!


Eva drawing a picture for her Uncle Robert.


Eating pasta - her favorite!


Sleeping with her puppy. 🙂


Eva sometimes acts like a civilized person.

She’s been hitting all her milestones at the appropriate times and has become well adjusted to toddlerdom.  We’ve baby-proofed the house, but to occupy her time, she keeps finding new and dangerous things.  She really enjoys dancing and has blossomed into quite the little performer.  I hope she never becomes self conscious.  Her dancing is so cute!

It’s hard for me to imagine that in a little over two months, she’s going to be a big sister.  She’s always been the baby!  I guess I’ll just have two babies.  🙂

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Heart Baby Cardigan – Third Progress Report

I am ashamed.  I had almost the whole day to knit (Eva went to her grandparents’ house), and all I managed to do was knit a sleeve.  And it wasn’t even a whole sleeve at that!


I’m still working on the ribbing.  I’ll be using the same bind off on the sleeves (sewn bind off) that I used on the bottom of the sweater.  And let me tell you, binding off the bottom took *forever*.  At least it looks nice, and it’s stretchy.  I hate tight bind offs.

Obviously this sweater needs some serious blocking.  It’s all…bunchy.  I’m hoping it’ll fit our new addition next fall/winter.  Though if she’s anything like her sister, it’ll still be too big by then!

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Heart Baby Cardigan – Second Progress Report

I finished the heart portion!  🙂


Much like the hat I completed earlier, my tension is still not up to par.  The “end” hearts look a bit funky, so I’m going to try to do some strategic sewing on the wrong side to even them up a bit.  Other than that, everything looks good.  I’m finishing up the ribbing on the bottom of the body, and then I’ll be moving on to the sleeves.  This is going to be such a cute ensemble!

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Heart Baby Cardigan – First Progress Report

Since I love the little heart chart I used for my Heart Baby Hat, I decided to make a matching cardigan with the same yarn and chart.  It’s just a basic raglan baby cardigan pattern with the heart chart added at the bottom.


Heart Baby Cardigan sitting on top of its future recipient!

So far I’ve done the raglan portion and split for the sleeves.  I did have to mess with the stitch counts so that the chart will fit evenly…when I get to that part.  I’m also planning on picking up some stitches at the armpits to widen the sleeves and close holes.  (I’ve knit this particular pattern before, so I know I definitely need to widen the sleeves.)

I’m thinking this is going to end up being really cute, and I can’t wait to see it finished!

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Heart Baby Hat – Complete!

I finished Baby #2’s hat yesterday.  I washed it and blocked it, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  It’s a little tight in the colorwork/stranded area, but it’s not bad for my first try.


Like I said before, this hat is way too big for a newborn.  I’ve already begun seeking the *perfect* newborn baby hat pattern so that I can make something she can wear right away.

In case anyone’s interested, the hat was knit on size 7 dpns with Knit Picks Galileo in “Pearl” and “Valentine.”  The yarn is listed as sportweight, but I think it’s a bit heavier than that.  It has a nice sheen, and it’s very soft, so I think it’ll be very comfortable for Baby to wear!


Amigurumi Bunny – Complete!

I haven’t mentioned this project before, mostly because I was dreading it.  I am terrible at crochet amigurumi.  A friend of the family asked me to make this little bunny, so I agreed since I *do* need some practice.  You’d think I’d do a better job the second time around.  (I made this same bunny last year for Eva.)  Not so in this case.  :/



The pattern is very well written, and there’s nothing inherently difficult about the construction.  I just suck majorly at seaming.  I can never get things even, and my finished product ends up looking homemade instead of handmade.  And don’t even get me started on my embroidery skills!

Anyway, if you’d like more details, they are on my Ravelry page!

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Please Don’t Pool Socks – Finished!

As I mentioned in my prior post, I’ve been slacking.  I finished these socks February 4th (according to my Rav page), and I even took pictures of them, but I neglected to write a post.


Please Don’t Pool Socks


The foot!


The leg!


The heel!


The toe!

These were knit on size 2 needles (2.75 mm) with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in “Bittersweet.”  I still have quite a bit of yarn left over, so I’m going to try to make some baby socks with the remainder.  No word on how the yarn holds up, yet, since I haven’t even worn them, let alone washed them.

If I were to knit these again, I think I’d be brave and attempt the picot cuff.  If the socks don’t stay up, oh well.  At least they’ll be pretty!  🙂

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Baby Heart Hat – First Progress Report

I have quite a few projects that need to be blogged, so here’s the first of many posts!

I started a baby hat for our soon-to-be baby:


I’m knitting it on size 7 needles with Knit Picks Galileo yarn in “Pearl” and “Valentine.”  This is my first ever fair isle project.  My tension came out uneven, of course, but I think that’s to be expected!  I *hope* blocking evens things out a bit. 

The hat is turning out pretty big, so I’ll have to make another hat that’s appropriately sized for newborns.  What a shame.  😉