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Gentleman’s Fancy Socks – Complete!

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Last Thursday I finished Kai’s socks.  I am so happy to have them off the needles!


These were knit with 2.5mm needles and Patons Kroy FX in “Cadet Colors.”  I really like how the yarn striped, but I can’t say if I’d use this yarn again until I see how it wears.  I did notice that the yarn is thicker than most fingering weights, so anyone choosing to use it should take that into consideration.

I stupidly forgot to measure the socks before giving them to Kai, and since they’re on his feet right now, I can’t exactly measure them.  However, I knit the pattern exactly as written.  Kai’s shoe size is about a 10.5, and the pattern specified 9.5 to 10.5, so I’m assuming my measurements are pretty close to the pattern’s measurements.  Once I have the chance to measure them, I’ll record my findings on my project page.  (

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